TV - is currently the largest robber of personal time!

We all acknowledge that being active improves; physical health, energy levels, mood, self-esteem and ultimately simply make you feel good.

But we also acknowledge we lead busy lives with work, family and community responsibilities all crying out for our attention.

It is any wonder that after a full day of activity all we want to do is relax, usually in front of the TV.

Did you know that on average people spend about 8 hours at work, a further 2 hours getting ready and travelling to work and once you factor in 8 hours of sleep – it only leaves about 6 hours a day in which we have to squeeze in eating, daily chores and of course some YOU time.

This only highlight’s just how scarce your leisure time actually is!

Adults spend more time using technology devices than they do sleeping, research suggests.

Recent research scarily highlights that although people are spending more time consuming media than ever before, the traditional TV is leading with 170 mins a day, closely followed by internet consumption of 140mins a day.

Statista Business Insider June 2017.

So, for a bit of fun – lets wage a war on the TV, go-on turn it off, and go and do something far more interesting instead…

We are not saying throw out the TV, as we all quite enjoying a bit of TV now and then.

But what we saying, is that don’t spend all of your spare time watching someone’s else’s life – start participating in your own.

Meet the GOGA Family – a typical family created to highlight the common everyday challenges we all face and what ultimately prevents us from ‘Getting Out and Getting Active’.


Olive GOGA

Gareth GOGA

Audrey GOGA

Keep an eye out for the GOGA family cartoon strip – where you’ll be able to keep with their antics!