Beyond the immediate scope of GOGA, we are committed to support participants engaged in the programme to remain “active for life”, enable partners to provide a sustainable mainstream inclusive offer and share with others our findings to inform future practice and investment.

Through GOGA nationally we will:

  • Reach 16,500 individual participants, at least 40% of whom will remain active
  • Deliver over 30,000 sessions through 550 different activities
  • Recruit, train and involve over 2,000 volunteers
  • Improve confidence and competence through 500 training sessions

Spirit of 2012 is an independent trust, established with a £47m endowment from the Big Lottery Fund. We fund projects that empower people to get out, be involved and feel better. We fund partners that provide opportunities in sports, physical activity, arts and culture, volunteering and social action.

Spirit of 2012 have invested £4.5 million to support more people to lead active and healthier lifestyles through the GOGA programme.

This unique programme aims to increase demand for, and the accessibility of, existing provision in local authorities, sports clubs and the voluntary sector by responding to key motivators and drivers for becoming physically active.

It aims to reach those with the greatest need, contributing to measurable health and wellbeing benefits for individuals and stronger, more cohesive and active societies. It offers genuinely inclusive opportunities for everyone.

GOGA runs for over three years (2016-2019) and within 18 localities across the UK. We have teamed up with an extensive range of partners to help us reach more people, who have the greatest need to get out and get active. These partners offer in-depth local knowledge and national expertise.