Meet the GOGA Activators

Local residents committed to helping people live longer in Thanet by becoming more active... 

  • Hina Olive
  • About Hina

Hina Olive - 55yrs

What I enjoy doing in my spare time: Socialising, watching films, reading, going to spa days with my friends and play badminton 3 times a week .

What Inspired me to become a GOGA Activator: The Activator role summarised me, for I understand the barriers people face in undertaking physical activity.

I am interested in both sport and social activities, the two combined is rewarding. I have life experiences and I believe I am passionate, motivated and hopeful able to inspire others to get active .Above all, its Local and having lived in Thanet for over 40 years . I am now able to be in position to help my local community.

The barriers I have faced to being active:The barriers I have faced over the years, has been time, family life, work , health and also lack of information about local activities.

  • Vanessa Vajana
  • About Vanessa

Vanessa Vajana - 47yrs

What I enjoy doing in my spare time: I enjoy many things in life. Some of these are: meeting new people, learning new things, being outdoors, swimming, walking and generally keeping active.

What Inspired you to become a GOGA Activator: When I saw the GOGA Activator advert I thought it would be a perfect fit for me as I have used my enjoyment for swimming to help me manage my own health condition in a positive manner and I hope to be able to inspire others to do the same. I have an insight of the barriers people may have towards exercise and other activities based on my own personal experience.

Have you faced any barriers to being active: Yes, I have been managing muscle skeletal, neuropathic and joint pain in addition to a bowel condition due to nerve damage (from my spine) on a daily basis since 2013. My condition means I may get extremely tired at times and may require a toilet at very short notice.

By keeping myself active via swimming and Aqua Gym I have been able to manage my condition in a positive manner – I strongly believe that finding an activity that one enjoys can help one become stronger both mentally and physically.

Over the last year I have completed 2 swimming challenges and raised over £ 1,200 for Aspire (read the story here). Dependant on my health over the next year I am hoping to challenge myself again and hope to inspire and get others involved through the GOGA project.

Young or old(er) anyone can become a

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